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Basics For Growing Marijuana Outdoors

How To Grow Outdoor Marijuana


Growing Marijuana


Beginning To Grow Marijuana Outdoors



Marijuana plants can be grown outdoors from Spring through to mid Fall. The earlier you plant your Marijuana Seeds, the larger your plant will potentially grow. Planting your seeds late can result in the plant not developing as well as it should before it begins to flower. Marijuana Plants can either be grown in garden soil, or in 5-20 gallon containers. The larger the container, the bigger and more healthy the Marijuana will be, and the plant will usually produce more buds.

It is sometimes necessary to prune the plant in order to keep it at a manageable size. As the main stem is cut, the lower branches will grow, gaining in size, and the plant will grow and strengthen several other branches. When the main shoot from the top of the Marijuana plant is pruned back, the plant will grow bushier rather than taller. Also, plants who have had the main stem clipped will often yield more Marijuana than plants that have not been clipped. Tis is known as topping, and is referred to as a Super-Cropping technique.

Fertilizer mix or ready-made liquid feeds can be used, or a hydroponic, vegetative formula to maximize the growth and production of the plant. The directions should be followed precisely, or slightly less than suggested. Using more than the suggested amount of fertilizer can throw off the chemical balances of the plant, and more feed or higher doses does not make for healthier plants.

As late summer approaches and the nights get longer, the Marijuana plant’s flowering Cycle will be activated. Some plants will cease the vegetative state altogether, while others will continue growing in size while beginning to flowering. Indica Marijuana plants mature anywhere from 55-70 days from the start of flowering, the buds will swell and change to display more red and brown hairs than the white ones it had previously displayed. While your Marijuana plant is in this flowering stage, switch to a bloom fertilizer to encourage larger bud development.

Latitude has a great affect on the growth of Marijuana and Cannabis plants, so plants that flower during a longer dark period are better suited to lower latitudes, while plants that begin flowering early are better suited to higher latitudes. The ones that flower early will also typically have smaller buds. Be aware of your latitude, and the duration of the darkness at night when you are growing, as well as the time you have allocated for the buds to mature, and adjust accordingly. However, if you live in a place where it remains warm throughout the year, you may have more flexibility. You can also help trigger the flowerings stage by covering the plants during the start or end of the day, thus lengthening the “night” or hours of darkness.

The budding Marijuana plants may begin to develop a stronger odor around week 6 of flowering, depending upon the strain you hyave selected to grow. In another 2-3 weeks, the buds will be ready, and this can be observed by the stigma or white flowers drying out, the ovary swelling, and the trichomes swelling and beginning to produce resin. The buds that get the most light will ripen first, these can be harvested, allowing the remainer to mature. The lower buds will be ready within a further 10 days.

It is important to remember that when growing Marijuana plants, that there are many different variables that can affect the growth and yield of your plants. Be aware of the latitude, temperature, and length of the daylight hours in your area, and be prepared to adjust your techniques accordingly. Have the different types of fertilizer ready that you may need, and decide if you wish to prune or top your Marijuana plants. Keep a careful eye on their progress, and enjoy the process of growing Marijuana outdoors.



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