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Repotting Marijuana Seeds

Step By Step Marijuana Seeds Growing Guide


Growing Marijuana Seeds


Transplanting Marijuana Seeds


When it comes time to transplant your growing Marijuana Seeds, you need to ensure there will be little or no shock to the young seedlings. If you are quick and careful in your handling of the plants, they should come to no harm at all during this procedure.

Make sure you only transplant twice, or better yet, once if possible, through the entire growth cycle of your Marijuana plants life, as transplanting slows the growth of your Marijuana plants down. It also requires time, it is tricky, can be hard work, and most of all, threatens the plants roots.

Start in as large a container as possible, square is best. 16 ounce plastic cups work OK, and 2 litter soda bottles cut down may be big enough for the first harvest when growing hydroponically. One-gallon plastic milk or water containers (squarish) will work too.

Or start Marijuana Seeds and rooted cuttings in 16 oz plastic cups. It is better to have less seedlings than it is to have too many seedlings, all needing constant transplanting. These larger cups take only a little more space, and allow you to transplant once before harvesting your first crop.

Transplant into a gallon water jugs (cut down to 3/4 gallon) before forcing flower growth. To regenerate this plant after harvesting, transplant it into a larger pot after it reverts back into its vegetative growth stages once again, 5 gallon paint buckets work pretty well if you can spare the space, and a 2-3 gallon container will make the second harvest from your Marijuana Seeds better than the first, given enough time for regrowth first.


Learn more tips and techniques for growing Marijuana Seeds below.


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